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Best music apps for Android

When it comes to having one of the best thing across the Android devices which you use then it is pretty sure that you are likely to switch up for some movies what is the best way to utilise your time when you are feeling bored or something is listening to music and two Android devices are well capable of it.

But when it comes to downloading and playing music on some of the devices which use which is pretty sure that you may end up in a website which you don’t want to as it may contain harmful Ads for malicious links and so it is better to go for music downloading app which are available for Android devices and if you don’t know any, we are going to share some of the best music applications for Android with you.

best music applications for Android.

  1. Wynk Music

When we talked about popularity in music application then it is pretty sure that we will include this music application as it is considered as one of the best music applications for Android which allows you to both download as well as listen to your favourite song online for free. And moreover if you want to listen to your favourite song without any limit then you can even subscribe to its monthly packs which are as awesome as you want it to be so it is one of the best music applications for Android.

  1. Google Play Music

Undoubtedly there is no match to Google Service and applications which are provided by Google as Android itself is a product of Google and it is better to go for Google applications when you have options to do so and so come when we find the best music applications for Android. If you want music application which can allow you to both stream as well as download your favourite music then this application known as Google play music would be the best Android Music application for you to try

  1. SoundCloud

This app is not only famous for Android operating system but also for iOS which runs for The Apple as it is one of the best Android Music applications that you can download and enjoy for free and in this music application you can download as well as stream into your favourite song for free without any issues and moreover all you need to do is sign up for the application and you will be able to enjoy the services seamlessly. So in any case we recommend you going for this best music app.

  1. Gaana

Well if you love to enjoy music services without any hesitation and would be finding one of the best music apps for your Android Smartphones then we are here featuring this application as it is one of the best music applications in a list and if you are an Indian then you can even enjoy the Hindi song and moreover you can also find the English songs and other songs which you would want to hear in other languages and from other regions which means that this application is an all rounder music application which provides you with great stuff to hang on with.

  1. iTube Music

Not only would you we need of a best music application for Android and IOS but rather we know that you want something of a great music application that you will love to have on your phone and this one is the perfect alternative for you to try on your smartphones. Not only is this application a music downloading application for Android but also it let’s use trim in there was any song that you want which means that you can listen to any song on the go.

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Best movie downloading websites

Movies are a part of our lives which not only make us aware of the things and lifestyles that are trendy across the world but also grow our IQ levels. For a long amount of time people have been buying DVDs and movie CDs which not only costs them more money than they want, but also piles up the junk in their homes.

And not even this, for watching movies, you’ve to buy perfect DVD players and what not? But what if you have a low budget and just have a PC or a laptop at your homes? Not only that but what if you just have a phone and still don’t want to miss any movies? Well in this case we have a perfect solution for you that you don’t want to miss at all.

Yes we are talking about the movie downloading websites which you can visit via your own devices and not only that but these sites give you the full authority to download your favourite movies along with no hassles to sign up or anything like that.

So if you don’t know some of the very best movie downloading websites, then we are here with providing the best sites in order to meet your needs.

watch movie online for free

how to download movies on laptop pc for free



Well if you know Google, then think that Alluc is the same in this case, just for movies yet. You can search any movie in and the download links will be provided more easily than ever. You can term Alluc as the search engine of movies and with that, every movie provided here is of genuine quality and easy to download. If you just want to get HD movies for your phones and other devices, we recommend you going for


  1. FullMoviez

When it comes to downloading movies over different devices, we always suggest going for FullMoviez and same is the case when you want to download full movies for your devices. FullMoviez provide you with high quality movies and with that, the site allows you to download movies from different categories. If you want to search for movies in this website, just turn up to the search bar and download your movies for free of cost.



When things just don’t go your way and you can’t find a suitable movie downloading website, just go for Mycoolmoviez as this site provides you with different movie downloading links just in case any of the one doesn’t work up for you. If you just have to download movies, search for them in its search box and your searched movie will land up right before you. Moreover, you can download movies without registering for any of the sites.


  1. Gingle

When it comes to downloading movies for free, Gingle will not let you down as it provides more than 45000 movie links and downloads which you can’t complain about. The first thing that users love about this site is that it doesn’t need any registration or sign up before downloading movies and just with that, you can download online music too and play games which are available to play online without having to pay anything.


  1. Mp4Times

In terms of simplify and device UI, we put forward mp4times which is capable of giving you full time movie downloading links that are genuine, spam free and able to be play over any of the devices that you want to. Moreover, this site is totally safe to browse and ad-free which proves that your devices are safe while downloading movies from mp4times.