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Logitech’s Air Mouse

Friday, July 13, 2007
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This is an interesting concept and you know, there are times I’ve wanted something like this.

Accessory powerhouse Logitech is getting into the gyroscopic-mouse market with the new MX Air, a rechargeable cordless mouse that can control a computer’s cursor just by being moved through the air (when placed on a flat surface, it works as regular laser mouse). At $149, it’s not the cheapest mouse on the market, not even the cheapest gyroscopic mouse, but it adds plenty of media-friendly features, such as playback and volume controls that work right out of the box. The MX Air isn’t for everyone, and takes a little getting used to, but we’re convinced that many users would be happier unshackling their mice from the desk.


I’ve got a Logitech universal remote for my entertainment system that’s simply amazing so I certainly support the company for making good stuff. I’m going to have to try one first before buying to know if I like it, but it’s still a cool product.

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Written by: John

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