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Best movie downloading websites

Movies are a part of our lives which not only make us aware of the things and lifestyles that are trendy across the world but also grow our IQ levels. For a long amount of time people have been buying DVDs and movie CDs which not only costs them more money than they want, but also piles up the junk in their homes.

And not even this, for watching movies, you’ve to buy perfect DVD players and what not? But what if you have a low budget and just have a PC or a laptop at your homes? Not only that but what if you just have a phone and still don’t want to miss any movies? Well in this case we have a perfect solution for you that you don’t want to miss at all.

Yes we are talking about the movie downloading websites which you can visit via your own devices and not only that but these sites give you the full authority to download your favourite movies along with no hassles to sign up or anything like that.

So if you don’t know some of the very best movie downloading websites, then we are here with providing the best sites in order to meet your needs.

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how to download movies on laptop pc for free



Well if you know Google, then think that Alluc is the same in this case, just for movies yet. You can search any movie in and the download links will be provided more easily than ever. You can term Alluc as the search engine of movies and with that, every movie provided here is of genuine quality and easy to download. If you just want to get HD movies for your phones and other devices, we recommend you going for


  1. FullMoviez

When it comes to downloading movies over different devices, we always suggest going for FullMoviez and same is the case when you want to download full movies for your devices. FullMoviez provide you with high quality movies and with that, the site allows you to download movies from different categories. If you want to search for movies in this website, just turn up to the search bar and download your movies for free of cost.



When things just don’t go your way and you can’t find a suitable movie downloading website, just go for Mycoolmoviez as this site provides you with different movie downloading links just in case any of the one doesn’t work up for you. If you just have to download movies, search for them in its search box and your searched movie will land up right before you. Moreover, you can download movies without registering for any of the sites.


  1. Gingle

When it comes to downloading movies for free, Gingle will not let you down as it provides more than 45000 movie links and downloads which you can’t complain about. The first thing that users love about this site is that it doesn’t need any registration or sign up before downloading movies and just with that, you can download online music too and play games which are available to play online without having to pay anything.


  1. Mp4Times

In terms of simplify and device UI, we put forward mp4times which is capable of giving you full time movie downloading links that are genuine, spam free and able to be play over any of the devices that you want to. Moreover, this site is totally safe to browse and ad-free which proves that your devices are safe while downloading movies from mp4times.


Amazing Happy birthday wishes for friends family

Birthday is a very special day in anyone’s life. The day comes once in a year in everyone’s life. Birthday is basically a celebration. People celebrate the day as their anniversary of birth. In different countries, different religions, different cultures birthday celebrated in different way.In some countries people celebrates a girls 16th birthday as a special birthday. In some Hindu countries people celebrates their child first birthday as a special birthday and some people shave their child head on their first birthday.

very happy birthday with ballons

Among the Brahmins 12 or 13th birthday celebrated as a very special birthday followed by a ‘Thread Ceremony’. Though there are many rituals and other things but the most common thing is we should wish our known persons on their birthday. If it is the birthday of a friend or family member then wishing is must. Here is some tips about birthday wishes.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Friends and Family:

You can wish your friends and family members in different ways. The best way to wish your friend or family member is by planning a surprise birthday party or something she/he like.If you are staying in a hostel or something like that then you can plan a surprise birthday party for your friend.Same thing you can do in your family too by consulting your plan with the rest members of the family.Plan a theme properly then proceed it and wish the person on birthday by giving him a huge surprise.To wish a person on his/her birthday you must do some primary things like you must buy a cake and it will look awesome if you can decorate a room with balloons and other things. If it’s your friend’s birthday then give him some birthday bumps too as soon as he complete the cake cutting ceremony.But don’t hit seriously as it is only for fun.

wishes for happy birthday images

If you are staying far from your family and friends and want to wish them on birthday then you can do that by calling the person. When you will call first start with some unusual conversation so that the person think you forgot the birthday, then suddenly wish the person and give a surprise.The person will feel very special. Then you can talk about some old memories and moments that both of you enjoyed together. You can wish your family and friends through video call also. If it the birthday of one of your close person then you should plan something from before and can send a gift to them before their birthday.

If you are busy in your life that you have very less time to waste then you can wish your friend or family through social media also. There are many ways to wish. You can use through WhatsApp, Hike, Facebook or email too.

The best thing about these social networks are you can send voice message too. Whenever the person will check your message will be flourished especially when he/she will hear you wishing. Not only that you can wish them by sending birthday stickers, emojis, pictures and funny videos. The person who will receive the wishes from you, will feel very special. So this is very important for everyone to wish their friends and families on birthday.